Hablas Espanol?


Hablas Espanol?



  • Is Happy Eyes taking steps to protect patients against COVID?

    Yes. Your health is our number one priority. Everyone who walks in, including staff, is required to wear a face mask to ensure a sterile environment. We will gladly provide you with a new mask when you come in. Upon entering everyone must sanitize their hands and have their temperature taken. Other measures include proper cleaning protocols and spacing out appointments to promote social distancing. Please call us if you have any questions. 

  • Are contacts an option for me?

    Most likely, yes! Dr. Gamba specializes in contact lenses. He has had much success fitting contacts on patients that have struggled in the past. This includes patients that have been told they couldn’t wear contacts. Dr. Gamba will use the latest and most comfortable lenses in order for you to have the best outcome.
    Fitting contacts is like fitting shoes. One brand might not work well for you, while another works perfectly for you. Dr. Gamba will take the time to try different brands and fitting styles to see which you like best. Every few years companies make better lenses so schedule a contact lens exam today to view the latest options.

  • Do you see kids?

    Yes! Dr. Gamba enjoys getting to know entire family and enjoys pediatric exams. He has developed a special exam for kids that will be fun and entertaining for them. His love for children and desire to provide the best eyecare for them is why he has developed a special exam just for kids that is fun and entertaining! Exams for children begin as early as age three.

  • Are you wheelchair accessible?

    Yes! We are ADA compliant and have accommodations to complete your eye exam. 

  • How long will I have with the doctor?

    Each exam takes approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Gamba opened Happy Eyes so that he can spend quality time with his patients. More time with patients equals better care and patient education. You won’t be rushed here, and we will take our time getting your prescription correct the first time!  

  • Hablan español?

    Si. Dr. Gamba tiene familia Salvadoreña y Colombiana.    

  • What do you do besides glasses and contacts?

    Our other most popular services include glaucoma exams and cataract evaluations. We also offer a dry eye clinic. 

  • Do you accept outside prescriptions?

    Yes. If you are happy with your valid prescription we can use that to get you new glasses and contacts.

  • Do you accept walk-ins?

    Walk-ins are welcome!

  • Do you carry stylish frames?

    Yes! Dr. Gamba and our staff have worked hard to ensure that we have many styles so everyone can find something they love!